Day Trips from Miami

Fortunately for you I can tell you the best 5 day trips from Miami because I was there a couple of years ago. Let’s start with your accommodation. If you want to save some money you’d better find and rent Apartments in Miami. Their prices are a bit higher than New york apartment but since I’ve been looking for Apartment Barcelona I can tell you that the prices are just OK. Anyway if you think you can afford to stay in a nice hotel – then go for it.
Anyway the idea of the topic is other and it is day trips from Miami. The first thing I would recommend you is Everglades National Park. It is an easy day trip and it is the best place if you are looking a way to reconnect with the nature or just to relax. You will have the chance to see alligators, birds and other animal species in their natural environment. The experience is definitely worth it. You can go by car, walk or even kayak. If you are more of a nature type of person you would love this place. In fact there is a chance to like it even more than the Miami itself.

Number two suitable place for daytrip is Biscayne National Park. It is located east to Everglades. There you will be able to find world’s third largest reef sits. The park is really easy to explore via canoe. According to many people this is one of the most suitable and best places for snorkeling. This is why thousands of tourists visit it every year. This place is more related to nature loves as well.

The next thing on the list I can remember is Florida Keys. This is a coral archipelago located 24 km south of Miami. This makes it one of the nearest places suitable for day trips. The nature there is just splendid and this is something you definitely must see. It doesn’t matter if you have managed to visit the above 2 mentioned places. If you have budget issues you might want to skip them but the Florida Keys is the place that you should definitely pay a visit to.

After that you can visit Theme parks in Orlando. In 1973 Walt Disney opened the doors of Magic Kingdom for first time and by now it has four theme parks, 30 hotels, approximately 100 restaurants and 2 water parks plus nightlife district. Basically it is something like a small town where you can find anything you need.

And last but not least I would recommend you to visit Space Coast. If you are a space fan – this is the place that you are going to love. The Kennedy Space center is the biggest attraction in the area plus it has most visitors than anything else there – more than 1 500 000 every year.

This is my top 5 day trips from Miami and I can guarantee you that if you visit all of them you will be really pleasantly surprised. n more special then I suggest you to pay attention to the tips I gave you. If you do so, I’m pretty sure that you will have one of the best winters in your life – not only because you are going to be in Amsterdam but also because you will be prepared for it! is is an old fishing village, situated really near Amsterdam. The place is also famous with the fact that Picasso itself spent a few days there. There are dozens of souvenir shops so make sure you buy presents for your friends and relatives.


Basically these are the five places I know and which are situated nearby Amsterdam. I’m sure that if you visit all of them you will be satisfied by the things you have seen and experienced.

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