Dr. Oz and the Miracle Superfruits

Dr. Oz is as popular as he is informative, but is his information geared towards your actual health or maintaining his thriving popularity? With regard to your health, a lot of his offerings are based on real science. But the science he preaches is under tested and has people eating foods high in hormone content in order to burn fat safely. He preaches miracle cures for people too lazy to walk around the block, advising diets of 500 calories or less. The miracle is not in special foods or formulas. The miracle is under feeding your body and it going through its natural process of using fat stores. The foods that claim to burn awkward excess fat or to reduce hunger pangs are a farce. Your body goes through stages of energy consumption. It rotates between asking for food and burning fat and muscle to sustain itself. During a day, your body may use around 2500 calories just to sit in a chair. When you drop your caloric intake down to 500 or less, you burn nearly a pound of excess fat just staying alive. Also, when your body is being fed less, it gets hungry less. The only problem is that your body prefers food and as such will continually request it. If you can keep your binging at bay, you will be able to rapidly lose weight.

The entire Dr Oz scheme of eating African mango, raspberry ketone, and green coffee bean extract is a smoke and mirrors campaign designed to keep your mind off what is really working and convince you to go out and buy very specific, hard to find “superfruit.” This is not to say that Dr. Oz is completely wrong, just that the consumption of those fruits and extracts is not the key to diet or weight-loss success. The key is a caloric deficit over a long period of time.

The healthiest way to lose weight is to eat less energy (food) than your body requires and let it fill in the gaps with stored fat. If you eat too little, your body burns muscle because it is more expendable than fat. Fat can be used to sustain your life over a long period of time, even if you are a muscleless blob. But you don’t want to be a muscleless blob, you want thin, sexy, and toned. To get that, don’t: drink sugary soda, eat mayonnaise, fill your coffee with cream and sugar, eat salad dressing, eat ketchup, or any kind of fast food. Walk twice around your block every night after dinner. Enjoy your life.

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